What is TR19?

TR19 is the required standard to which ductwork should be cleaned, tested and inspected. All employers have a legal obligation to ensure working environments are clean and safe as well as meeting the requirements of insurance companies. The Building Engineering Services Association defined TR19 in 1988 to ensure duct cleaning and other extraction system maintenance would meet an industry approved set of criteria. Requirements for ductwork cleaning have been categorised under high, medium and low depending on the environment.

Different organisations will need varying levels of ductwork cleaning depending on the type of company and air quality specifications. Facilities that require high levels of cleanliness, such as a hospital will have a “high” classification whereas an office space would likely fall under the “medium” category. Duct cleaning companies use the guidance outlined in the TR19 standard to determine the level and frequency of maintenance and testing required.

Meet TR19 Standards

At Deduct, our professional teams are equipped with the training and experience needed to meet TR19 standards. We’ll provide a no-obligation quote that’s bespoke to your requirements. Our highly recommended and reputable service makes use of the latest duct cleaning processes and technologies to deliver outstanding results.

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Legal Requirements

The Health and Safety at Work Act and Occupiers Liability Act stipulate a legal requirement for working environments to be safe and healthy. These legislations include air quality which can be greatly affected by ductwork. Duct cleaning is needed to ensure a suitable system of maintenance is in place for each working environment in relation to TR19 guidance.

Why Clean Ductwork?

Ductwork and ventilation systems gradually build-up dust, bacteria and mould over time. These pollutants can become harmful if left unchecked and cause health problems if air quality is compromised. In addition, the efficiency of ductwork can be reduced if systems are not cleaned or maintained, which can be both dangerous and costly if not regularly managed.

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