Duct Cleaning Services in Leicester

Every business owner knows that saving money is important, but sometimes it can be challenging to find ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality. One easy way to save money and increase efficiency is by having your ventilation system cleaned by a qualified air duct cleaning team in Leicester. A dirty ventilation system can cause several problems, including poor indoor air quality, increased energy costs, and reduced workplace productivity. Having your ventilation system cleaned regularly allows you to breathe easier, knowing that your workplace is healthy and comfortable for staff and visitors. In addition, regular cleaning can help extend the life of your ventilation system and save money on potentially costly repairs and utility bills.

Commercial Duct Cleaning in Leicester

Deduct Ltd has established itself as a leading provider of specialist ductwork cleaning services in the UK. We have a skilled team of highly trained and knowledgeable technicians who use the latest equipment to clean, maintain and repair ductwork in commercial and industrial properties.

Based in the Midlands, our team of mobile technicians are well placed to travel to any location across the country, including Leicester.

With our wealth of experience in the industry, Deduct Ltd is the perfect choice for all your commercial ductwork cleaning needs.

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Our Duct Cleaning & Maintenance Services in Leicester

At Deduct Ltd, we offer an extensive range of duct cleaning services in Leicester, including regular maintenance cleaning, one-off deep cleans, and system repairs, all designed to keep your ventilation system clean and running smoothly. All work is carried out by our highly trained and skilful technicians. We are committed to providing a high-quality service at a competitive price, and our team of experts are always on hand to offer advice and support to our customers.

Our Services Include:

Duct Cleaning


Dirty ventilation systems can circulate mould, dust and other allergens through a building, causing breathing problems and triggering allergies in employees and customers. In some cases, dirty air ducts have even been known to cause fires.

Our professional duct cleaning service removes the built-up debris from your ductwork, restoring optimal airflow and improving the indoor air quality of your building.

Deep Cleaning & Deep Disinfection Service


Regular cleaning is essential in any public space to ensure the safety of staff and visitors. However, traditional cleaning methods can often be ineffective, leaving harmful bacteria behind.

Our deep cleaning service uses the latest electrostatic spraying technology to provide a 360-degree clean that reaches all areas, even those difficult to access. This particular disinfection method ensures that your premises are thoroughly clean and free from potentially dangerous contaminants.

Our electrostatic surface cleaning is quick and efficient, meaning that there is minimal disruption to your business.

Ventilation Cleaning


Studies have consistently shown that improved ventilation can increase productivity in the workplace. For example, one study found that employees who worked in offices with quality ventilation from an outside air source were up to 35% less likely to be absent due to sickness.

Our ventilation cleaning service will clean all of the components of your ventilation system, removing any build-up of dust and dirt. This process will ensure that your ventilation system functions correctly, providing clean, fresh air throughout your premises.

Extraction Cleaning


A professional kitchen extraction cleaning is required to remove the build-up of fats, oils and grease (FOG) from the inner surfaces of hoods, ducts, fans and vents that accumulate over time. This build-up is a fire hazard and can also lead to foul smells and poor air quality in the kitchen. Our extraction cleaning service will remove all the built-up FOG from your commercial kitchen, restoring it to a safe and clean state and ensuring your kitchen appliances run at peak efficiency.

Cleaning an extraction system can be dangerous without proper safety equipment and knowledge. Therefore, it is essential to leave it to the experts who have the right tools and understanding to get the job done quickly and safely.

Industrial Duct Cleaning


Industrial ductwork is responsible for circulating air throughout factories and other industrial buildings. Over time, the ductwork can become clogged with debris and other pollutants that can reduce efficiency and cause safety issues.

Our industrial duct cleaning removes these contaminants from the ductwork safely and effectively to leave your system working at full efficiency and in line with health and safety regulations. Cleaning an industrial duct system is a complex task that requires specialised equipment and knowledge.

Commercial Kitchen Duct Cleaning


Commercial kitchens must have their ductwork cleaned and maintained regularly to comply with the law in the UK. The relevant legislation is the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which stipulates that business owners or building managers must keep all kitchen extraction systems in good working order and free from debris.

In addition, the British Standards Institution’s TR19 guidance provides detailed information on how often kitchen ducts need to be cleaned, depending on the type of system, the level of use and the kind of food it cooks.

In general, trained technicians should clean ducts every three to six months, but more frequent cleaning may be necessary in some cases. With regular cleaning and maintenance, you can help to ensure that your kitchen extract system is compliant with the law and operating safely.

Fire Damper Testing


When a fire breaks out in a building, one of the first places flames will spread is the ventilation system. The vents connect different spaces within a building, making it easy for a fire to travel from one area to another. Fire dampers are doors installed in the ventilation system and are designed to close automatically in the event of a fire. This safety feature helps to stop the spread of fire throughout the building. However, if fire dampers are not cleaned and maintained correctly, they have a tendency to malfunction or fail. That’s why we offer a dedicated fire damper cleaning and maintenance service. Our skilled team will ensure your fire dampers are clean and working properly so you can rest easy knowing that they will be there for you when you need them most.

How Do You Know If Your Air Ducts Need to be Cleaned?

Most people don’t think about their air ducts unless there’s a problem. However, it’s essential to keep them clean and free of debris to ensure that the air in your commercial space is healthy and circulates appropriately. There are several telltale signs that your air ducts need cleaning:

Dust in the environment:


An increase in the amount of dust in your commercial space could signify that your air ducts are dirty.

Vents or registers that are not moving:


If the vents or registers in your building are not moving as they should, it’s likely due to blockages somewhere in the ductwork.

Foul odours:


Unpleasant smells from your vents indicate that something is rotten in the ductwork. This issue could be mould or mildew growth or debris that has been left to decompose.

Rising utility costs:


Utility bills have been increasing for no apparent reason could be because your HVAC system is working harder to circulate air and using more energy to run at capacity.

Health problems:


Unexplained health problems such as asthma or allergy flare-ups could result from poor air quality. If you suspect that your air ducts are to blame, it’s vital to have them cleaned as soon as possible.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, it’s time to call in the professionals. Our team of experienced duct cleaners will be able to quickly and efficiently clean your ductwork so you can get back to business as usual.

Why is Regular Duct Cleaning Important?

Regular duct cleaning is important for several reasons. First and foremost, it helps improve the air quality in your commercial space. This benefit is significant if you have employees or customers with allergies or respiratory problems. Poor air quality can also lead to increased sickness, absenteeism, and decreased productivity. In addition, regular duct cleaning can help extend your HVAC system’s lifespan by keeping it free of debris and dirt. It will also help reduce utility costs, as your system won’t have to work as hard to circulate air. Finally, regular duct cleaning can help to prevent fires. Dust and debris build-up in the ductwork of commercial kitchens is a significant fire hazard and one that the majority can easily avoid with regular cleaning.

How Often Should You Clean Your Air Ducts?

The frequency of duct cleaning is dependent on several factors, including the type of business, the age of the building, the number of occupants and the level of air pollution. For example, restaurants and other companies that generate a lot of dust and grease should have their ducts cleaned more often than office buildings. Similarly, older buildings with outdated ventilation systems are more likely to need frequent cleaning, as are facilities with a large number of occupants.

Is Duct Cleaning a Legal Requirement in Leicester?

Yes, both the Health & Safety at Work Act, 1974 and the Occupiers Liability Act, 1984 set out the legal requirements for employers to provide a safe and healthy environment. This duty includes ensuring that ductwork is regularly cleaned and maintained in order to prevent the build-up of dust, dirt and other contaminants.


TR19® is the leading guidance document on ventilation system hygiene and sets out the expectations for cleanliness and maintenance to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses. In recent years, there has been an increasing awareness of the importance of good indoor air quality and the role that ventilation systems play in ensuring a healthy environment. As a result, TR19® has become an essential tool for anyone responsible for managing or operating a ventilation system.

Why Choose Deduct Limited?

Maintaining high standards is at the heart of everything we do here at Deduct. From the initial quotation stage to job completion, our team will work tirelessly to ensure that we complete your ductwork cleaning project to the highest standard. Our team is passionate about providing a high-quality service that keeps our customers coming back to us time and time again.


We understand the importance of ductwork cleaning and take our responsibility to our customers very seriously. This commitment to quality has resulted in us becoming one of the industry’s most trusted and reliable companies. So when you choose us for your ductwork cleaning needs, you can be sure that you’re getting the very best service available. Contact us today to learn more about duct cleaning in Leicester and discover what we can do for you.