Commercial Kitchen Duct Cleaning

Commercial Kitchen Duct Cleaning & TR19 Regulations

Regularly cleaning and maintaining the ducts in your commercial kitchen is not only important but is required by law in the UK. Helpfully, guidelines published under TR19 explain how often commercial kitchen duct cleaning should occur to ensure they’re compliant with legislation, as described below. 

What is the TR19 Standard?

TR19 regulation is the guidance published by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) and details how often internal ventilation systems should be cleaned. TR19 regulates the cleaning of kitchen ductwork based on usage and should be cleaned accordingly at the following intervals: 


Heavy use – 12-16 hours per day – 3 monthly. 


Moderate use – 6-12 hours per day – 6 monthly. 


Light use – 2-6 hours per day – 12 monthly. 


Ductwork found in most commercial kitchens is classified as either moderate or heavy use and should be cleaned every 3-6 months to be TR19 compliant.

Is TR19 a Legal Requirement?

TR19 is concerned with standardising best practices, and the details listed within TR19 are considered guidelines as opposed to legislation. But that being said, the guidance has been issued to ensure your commercial kitchen’s ducts are compliant with Health and Safety legislation, as well as the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. In short, ensuring your commercial kitchen ducts are cleaned in line with TR19 guidance is best practice.

What is the Difference Between LPCB & TR19?

The Loss Prevention Certificate Board (LPCB) is a recognised third-party certification body that ensures products and services meet strict standards regarding fire safety. Like TR19, LPCB certification isn’t a legal requirement, but it’s seen as a marker of a respectable and trusted business in the United Kingdom. Cleaning your kitchen ducts to TR19 standards and achieving LPCB certification will undoubtedly benefit your business in the long run. 

How Often should Commercial Kitchen Duct Systems Be Cleaned?

As exemplified in the TR19 guidelines, commercial kitchen ducts should be cleaned at least once every twelve months. But if your kitchen is considered either as moderate or high use, you need to schedule the ducts for cleaning every six or three months, respectively. You’re required to conduct a risk assessment to ascertain how often you should clean your duct systems to be compliant with TR19. 

The build-up of grease and fat in your commercial kitchen’s ductwork and extraction may invalidate your insurance if regular cleaning and maintenance are not carried out. It also increases the risk of fire in your business, as more than 70% of kitchen fires start in ductwork or extraction systems.

Is Commercial Kitchen Duct Cleaning Supported by Law?

Yes, cleaning your commercial kitchen’s ducts and extractors is supported by UK law, under Regulation (EC) 852/2004 relating to catering hygiene and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. The regulation states: 


“There must be a suitable and sufficient means of natural or mechanical ventilation; mechanical airflow from a contaminated area to a clean area must be avoided; and ventilation systems must be constructed so as to enable filters and other parts requiring cleaning or replacement to be readily accessible.”

How Often Should I Clean My Kitchen Fan?

It’s a good idea to arrange for your kitchen fan to be cleaned simultaneously with your ductwork and extraction systems. This ensures that all ventilation systems in your commercial kitchen are cleaned and maintained to the same standards, reducing the fire and health and safety risks associated with the systems.


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