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Deduct Ltd provides a comprehensive office duct cleaning service to businesses according to TR-19 standards as defined by BESA. Office Duct Cleaning ensures your workspace is legally compliant and the air circulating your building is clean and contaminant-free, which is better for the health and well-being of your employees.


Our skilled professionals provide unrivalled office duct cleaning services, utilising specialised equipment and methods to remove contaminants from the ducts within your office building.

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The Importance of Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is an essential task for commercial property managers and owners. Under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, employers have a legal duty to provide a healthy and safe working environment regarding a healthy indoor atmosphere. As such, air duct cleaning is not just best practice; it’s a legal requirement.

In the United Kingdom, the guidance document regarding the cleanliness of ventilation systems is TR19, which has become the accepted standard for cleaning air ducts. Deduct provides office duct cleaning services to ensure your systems are compliant with this TR19 guidance.

It’s also important to note that specific insurance policies stipulate that office ducts must be cleaned regularly, and failing to do so can result in the invalidation of your insurance policy. As such, it’s best to check the terms of your policy carefully before arranging air duct cleaning for your office.


Several studies have linked improved ventilation with a significant increase in productivity. Clean ductwork has also been shown to reduce Sick Building Syndrome and offices with quality ventilation from an outside air source can result in up to 35% less absences due to sickness. These are just a few ways an efficient and clean ventilation system could benefit your business. We can provide duct cleaning in offices both after refurbishment and as part of a regular maintenance schedule.

The Benefits of Duct Cleaning at Your Office

Office duct cleaning is beneficial for all your employees and the health and safety of the building. Some of the benefits of office duct cleaning include: 


  • Improves indoor air quality – As air filtrates through a ventilation system, it’s common for certain pollutants, dust, and other contaminants to settle in the vents and ductwork. Arranging for your office ducts to be cleaned removes these contaminants and ensures the air circulating your office is clean. 
  • Maintains better temperatures – A clogged ventilation system can affect the performance of your building’s heating and cooling systems. Office duct cleaning ensures your system can work to its maximum potential and maintain the optimal temperatures for your employees. 
  • Reduces costs – When blockages and contaminants are removed from your vents and ducts, utility bills will be reduced as your system will run more efficiently. What’s more, you will save money on long-term repair costs, as a clean system is unlikely to need significant repairs or improvements in the future. 


On top of these three benefits, there’s the fact that cleaning your office ducts contributes to the broader maintenance of your commercial property, enhancing its condition and sustaining its overall value. 


Sport and leisure facilities rely on their heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to provide a comfortable and hygienic environment for their customers. A regular cleaning and maintenance schedule with us will ensure you are going above and beyond to protect the public who use your facility. Get in touch with us today and we would be happy to discuss your unique requirements.

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