Extraction Cleaning

We Are in The Business of Clean and Safe Kitchens

Deduct LTD is a Birmingham-based air duct and extraction cleaning company serving a diverse nationwide client base. Our customers highly value our commercial kitchen extraction cleaning service, as it ensures compliance with industry guidance and improves working conditions for staff. Read on to find out all about Deduct LTD’s comprehensive kitchen extraction cleaning

Why is Extraction Cleaning Necessary?

First and foremost, extraction cleaning is necessary because it is a legal requirement in the UK. The TR19 guidance developed by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) is the standard that the ductwork and extraction of your commercial kitchens are held to. TR19 stipulates that a frequency of cleaning must be determined based upon the use of your extraction system and ductwork. Ignoring TR19 guidelines and failing to keep your extraction systems clean can lead to significant fines and potentially even the closure of your business. 

The Benefits of Our Extraction System Cleaning

Hiring Deduct LTD to undertake the professional cleaning of your extraction system has many benefits, including:


  • Compliance with TR19 guidance, the Health & Safety at Work Act, and the Food Hygiene Act.
  • Enhanced working environment for all employees, with a notable improvement in temperature. 
  • Reduced-fire risk – more than 70% of kitchen fires originate in extraction canopies or ductwork. 
  • Limited downtime, as we can clean your extraction outside of your business hours or busy periods.


Dirty extraction and ductwork in your commercial kitchen is something you need to remedy to ensure a healthy and compliant workplace. Our experienced and highly skilled team will guarantee the extraction systems of your commercial kitchen are up to industry standards.

How Often is Extraction Cleaning Needed?

How often you need to clean your extraction depends mainly on its use, according to TR19. The frequency of cleaning expressed within the guidance is as follows: 


Heavy use – 12-16 hours per day – 3 monthly. 

Moderate use – 6-12 hours per day – 6 monthly. 

Light use – 2-6 hours per day – 12 monthly. 


The majority of commercial kitchens fall within the moderate or heavy use categories. This means that your extraction and ductwork should be cleaned every 3-6 months. It’s up to you to conduct a risk assessment based upon your extraction and duct usage and schedule cleaning accordingly. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Deduct LTD if you would like some advice regarding the cleaning of your kitchen extraction. 

Why Choose Us for Commercial Kitchen Extraction Cleaning?

Deduct LTD is perfectly positioned to clean the extraction within your commercial kitchen comprehensively. Our fully qualified and accredited workforce exceeds industry standards and ensures your kitchen is cleaned to TR19 standards. What’s more, at Deduct LTD, we: 


  • Are experienced (10+years) and have carried out extraction cleans at restaurants, pubs, hotels, bars, and cafes across the UK.
  • Will carry out a site inspection within 48 hours of enquiry. 
  • Have full public liability insurance. 
  • Will provide an insurance compliant hygiene certificate upon completion of the work. 
  • Can submit a high definition video inspection of your ventilation system upon request.


Based in Birmingham, we offer nationwide extraction cleaning services and would be delighted to work with you.