Industrial Duct Cleaning

Deduct LTD is a leading compliance cleaning solutions provider with clients throughout the UK. Specialising in industrial duct cleaning, our team deliver comprehensive solutions to suit a wide range of budgets and requirements to ensure your ducts are clean and compliant with the relevant legislation.

Why Do I Need to Get the Ducts Cleaned?

Given the vital role that ductwork plays in air circulation within your building, it must be cleaned regularly. Over time, ducts are contaminated by a build-up of dirt, debris, and dust that can affect the efficiency of your ventilation systems and even cause a range of health complications stemming from poor air quality. 

Important Benefits of Duct Cleaning

Having your industrial ducts cleaned at regular intervals is beneficial to your business as well as the health of your employees. The benefits of having your industrial ducts professionally cleaned include:


  • Removal of unhealthy residue, dirt, dust, and debris that has accumulated in your ducts over time. 
  • Reduction in the risk of fire associated with the build-up of dirt, grease, or any other contaminant within an industrial duct. 
  • Clean ducts are less likely to collapse than those that are left with dirt and debris inside. 
  • Improvement in the quality of air circulating within your building. 
  • Increased indoor airflow, which in turn makes your heating and cooling systems more efficient. 


Although industrial duct cleaning is often overlooked, it’s a vitally important aspect of the maintenance of your property and should be scheduled in accordance with TR19 guidelines (as introduced below). 

 TR19 Compliance

TR19 includes guidelines issued by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) that stipulate how often you should clean your industrial ducts. TR19 stipulates that ducts should be cleaned in accordance with how regularly they’re used: 


Heavy use – 12-16 hours per day – 3 monthly. 


Moderate use – 6-12 hours per day – 6 monthly. 


Light use – 2-6 hours per day – 12 monthly. 


To be compliant with TR19 guidance, you must first determine how your duct usage would be categorised, which you can usually do by conducting a risk assessment. However, if you’re unsure and would like some guidance on how often your ductwork should be cleaned, you can always contact us, and we’d be delighted to advise you. 

Is it a Legal Requirement?

In the UK, employers are legally required to provide a safe and healthy environment for their employees, as stipulated in the Health & Safety at Work Act (1974). Dirty ducts are likely to have a negative impact on air quality and are not conducive to a healthy work environment. Cleaning your ducts regularly and in compliance with TR19 is an effective way of ensuring your industrial ductwork is legally sound and is an important step in avoiding the invalidation of your insurance policy. 


Industrial duct cleaning is a vitally important component of your commercial or industrial property cleaning and maintenance. Deduct LTD specialises in cleaning the ducts and extraction systems of clients throughout the UK, and we’d be delighted to hear from you if you require our cleaning knowledge and expertise.