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Deduct Ltd is one of the UK’s leading duct cleaning specialists and provides services to a range of commercial and industrial properties. Our highly skilled duct cleaning team delivers comprehensive and fully TR19 compliant air duct cleaning to our extensive client base. We’re proud to be a duct cleaning service provider for a broad range of businesses and continue implementing vital health and safety aspects through the cleaning and maintaining of ducts on commercial properties.

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Why should I get my ducts cleaned? 

Ducts are the perfect hiding place for a build-up of dust, dirt, bacteria, and a range of other indoor pollutants. In addition, ductwork that has been established since the construction of the property may even contain construction debris. The culmination of these contaminants within your ducts can negatively impact the air circulation within your building and cause poor quality air to move through the vents.


Several studies have linked improved ventilation with a significant increase in productivity. Clean ductwork has also been shown to reduce Sick Building Syndrome and offices with quality ventilation from an outside air source can result in up to 35% less absences due to sickness. These are just a few ways an efficient and clean ventilation system could benefit your business. We can provide duct cleaning in offices both after refurbishment and as part of a regular maintenance schedule.

Is duct cleaning a legal requirement?

Legislation passed in the United Kingdom means that providing a healthy indoor atmosphere for employees is a legal requirement. The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Occupiers Liability Act 1984 stipulate that health and safety procedures involving the cleanliness of ducts and other structural components of a commercial building are imperative. In addition, strict legal requirements for duct cleaning exist in public facilities like hospitals and must be adhered to.


Sport and leisure facilities rely on their heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to provide a comfortable and hygienic environment for their customers. A regular cleaning and maintenance schedule with us will ensure you are going above and beyond to protect the public who use your facility. Get in touch with us today and we would be happy to discuss your unique requirements.

What is TR19? 

The accepted standard for the hygiene of ventilation systems is TR19. Issued by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA), TR19 is government approved guidance on how ductwork should be tested, inspected, and maintained within a building. Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of TR19 is the classification for ductwork cleanliness as either low, medium, or high. This classification relates to how often ductwork is used within a facility and the required air quality. 


For instance, ductwork within a public facility like a hospital is classed as high; general office space tends to be classified as medium; while infrequently utilised areas within buildings will be classed as low. Therefore, it’s vital that your ducts are regularly cleaned in line with TR19 guidance, or you risk invalidating your insurance and potentially being liable for damages and claims made by either employees or the general public.


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Ongoing duct cleaning compliance

Our duct cleaning experts work within the exact parameters as outlined within TR19 and ensure your ductwork is professionally cleaned and maintained to exceptional standards. We utilise specialised extraction devices, mechanical brushes, air jets, and other methods to ensure your ductwork is TR19 compliant. Deduct will provide you with peace of mind regarding the air quality in your building or facility.


We work with businesses in various sectors in the United Kingdom and provide ductwork cleaning and maintenance. Our duct cleaning service professionals have experience in hospitality, facilities management, food manufacturing, healthcare, education, financial and professional services office blocks, social housing, government institutions, and many more.


Learn more about our professional duct cleaning and get in touch with Deduct today.