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Kitchen Extraction Cleaning in the Professional Environment

If your line of work is catering, it’s more than likely that your kitchen will have a canopy extraction system installed. Professional canopy extraction systems are designed to reduce heat, grease, and steam buildup inside the room. Over time, this will build up, and the best way to eliminate this unwanted accumulation of dirt and grease is to use a professional kitchen extraction cleaning service.


The canopy filters help protect against the deposition of grease. Regardless of this, small grease particles build up inside the extract ductwork system. As these deposits accumulate over time, the risks associated with poor hygiene and fire increase.


Typically, as is the case in any professional kitchen in the UK, kitchen staff will regularly clean the canopy. But for larger-sized, professional canopies, proper cleaning can only be undertaken by kitchen extraction cleaning professionals. The extract ductwork system must also be cleaned by professionals to meet TR19 regulations and standards.

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T19 Regulations and Standards

There is a wide range of health & safety considerations when it comes to professional kitchens, arguably one of the most important is sound ventilation.


TR19 regulations are a set of government guidelines that administer good practices when cleaning ventilation ducts. The regulations and standards must be adhered to by anyone that offers kitchen duct cleaning services.


To properly implement TR19 regulations, professional cleaning operatives must be knowledgeable about and have the ability to put into practice the various correct techniques when using rotary brush cleaning for horizontal and vertical ductwork.


Cleaning operatives must also demonstrate safe system isolation and correct hand-cleaning techniques.

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How Often Do You Need Professional Kitchen Extraction Cleaning?

The frequency of kitchen extraction cleaning depends on many factors, including the operational hours of the kitchen. Every professional kitchen extract system does, however, need to be deep cleaned at least twice a year. Fast food, high grease, and continual use systems may require deep cleaning on a more regular basis to reduce the risk of poor hygiene and fire outbreak as well as to lengthen the lifespan of the system and maintain its efficiency.


The build-up of grease creates what could be described as a hidden combustion load. The vapours given off when cooking at high temperatures can cause the combustion load to ignite. The older grease, the higher the risk. Even a small kitchen fire, because of the speed the fire can spread, can rapidly grow at the expense of causing major damage to the building and life.


Taking the necessary steps to ensure that all ducts, grease traps, and the numerous other areas within a kitchen extraction system are cleaned on a regular basis serves not only as a safety net for your business but also provides fire insurance validation.

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