All You Need to Know About Electrostatic Disinfection and How it Works

In an age where we all need to be extra careful about where we put our hands as the risk of viral infections increases, it’s a good idea to look towards innovative cleaning solutions to ensure our homes and workspaces are as clean and germ-free as possible. One such product is electrostatic disinfection, which has become exceedingly popular in recent times. This article explains everything you need to know about using electrostatic disinfection at your business. 


What is Electrostatic Disinfection? 

Electrostatic disinfection is an efficient spray that can be used to thoroughly clean surfaces and objects. By combining a specialized solution with air, electrostatic disinfection is able to cling to the surface upon which it is discharged, which effectively removes any harmful substances, dirt, and debris and leaves the surface clean as a result. 

Electrostatic Disinfection

How Does Electrostatic Disinfection Work?

As the name suggests, electrostatic disinfection is electrically charged. Essentially, this means that the substances within the spray can effectively wrap around the dirt particles that it’s sprayed upon, ultimately providing the surface with a more complete clean. Due to the chemical composition of the substance within the spray, the electrical charge becomes active when the spray exits the container (or sprayer), and you continue to clean it off with your chosen cloth or cleaning product. 


Is it Right for Your Business? 

Electrostatic disinfection is the perfect cleaning solution for various businesses, thanks to its chemical properties, and it’s much more effective than other rudimentary cleaners. If your business provides access to public areas and maintains toilets, kitchens, or other such communal spaces, then using an electrostatic disinfectant is an excellent choice for your business, as it will result in much cleaner, healthier spaces. 


Benefits of Electrostatic Spray Disinfection

There are lots of benefits of using an electrostatic disinfectant, including: 

  • It is an efficient way to control and stop the spread of infections and viruses. It is scientifically proven to disinfect surfaces and prevent harmful germs from spreading. 
  • It is also an incredibly versatile cleaning product and can be used on a range of surfaces. You can use the disinfectant to clean surfaces, cooking, and even electrical equipment. 
  • Electrostatic disinfectant is one of the quickest acting products out there, and your surfaces will be fit to use within just fifteen minutes of application. 
  • The spray ensures chemicals are more evenly applied to your surfaces, which reduces the hazards of overusing cleaning chemicals.
  • After cleaning with an electrostatic disinfectant, you will feel as if your workplace has received a professional deep clean. 


Ultimately, even though people often overlook electrostatic disinfection for other, more conventional cleaning methods, switching to this method of cleaning will save you time and ensure that your surfaces are protected from dirt, debris, and germs. 


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