The Importance of Kitchen Extract Cleaning

Professional kitchenCommercial kitchen extraction systems play an essential role in any professional food-related business. These systems are designed to capture, contain, and expel cooking vapours, odours, smoke, grease and other byproducts from kitchens. As such, cleaning and maintaining your extraction system is vital for ensuring that the work environment is safe for both employees and customers.



Why is kitchen extraction cleaning so important?


Kitchen extract cleaning is crucial for any food service business, yet it is often overlooked and put on the back burner. However, without a properly maintained extraction system, the kitchen and dining area can become hazardous places where smoke and other contaminants linger in the air. When carried out regularly, kitchen extraction cleaning can help reduce the risk of fires, improve air quality, lower utility bills and provide better working conditions for staff members.


Reduce the risk of fires


Dirty kitchen extraction components can be incredibly hazardous if not kept clean. Grease, fat, oil and food particles can quickly accumulate in the ducts, creating a fire risk due to their flammable nature. Regular vent cleaning is essential to keep these materials at bay and minimise potential fire outbreaks.


Maintain hygiene standards


Maintaining a hygienic environment is essential for any food establishment to remain compliant with health and safety regulations. Unclean ducts can become a breeding ground for bacteria, mould and other contaminants that can pose serious health risks if inhaled. Regular cleaning ensures that the air within your kitchen stays clean while keeping your business in line with food safety standards.


Lower utility bills


A clean extraction system operates more efficiently, therefore requiring less energy to run. This, in turn, can reduce utility bills, saving your business money and helping you become more environmentally friendly.


Improve air quality


An unclean extraction system can lead to poor air quality, creating an uncomfortable and unhygienic work environment. As unpleasant odours, smoke, and grease circulate in the kitchen, staff may find themselves having to breathe in contaminants that can cause long-term respiratory issues. Regular professional extraction cleaning will help remove these pollutants from the air and create a clean and healthy work environment for everyone involved.


Stay compliant with insurance


As well as health and safety regulations, many insurance companies require businesses to undertake regular extraction cleaning to remain compliant with their policies. Failure to do so could lead to invalidating the cover and putting your business at risk of significant financial losses in the event of a fire or other related incident.


Signs that extraction cleaning is due


There are a few tell-tale signs to look out for when it comes to determining if your kitchen extraction needs cleaning, including:


Unusual smells in the kitchen


Foul odours coming from the extract system can signal that grease and other contaminants are beginning to build up in the ducts, leading to poorer air quality and potential health risks.


Visible grease build-up


Visible grease on kitchen equipment, walls or ceilings, mean it’s likely that an extraction cleaning is overdue.


Smoke not clearing


If your extractor hood is not clearing smoke or steam as it should, this could signify that pollutants are clogging up the system.


Loud noises coming from the ductwork

Unwanted noises such as rattling, buzzing or banging originating in the kitchen ductwork may indicate the motor is being overworked due to a blockage or obstruction.


Noticeable increase in utility bills


If your energy bills have recently increased despite no changes to your kitchen equipment, then a dirty extraction system may be the cause.


Benefits of a clean extraction system


Kitchen extraction cleaning is essential for any commercial kitchen to ensure safety, health and efficiency standards are met. By investing in regular duct cleaning you can:


  • Reduce the risk of fires
  • Improve hygiene standards
  • Increase system lifespan
  • Lower maintenance and repair costs
  • Save on energy costs
  • Improve air quality


If you’re unsure when your extraction system was last cleaned, it’s best to call in the professionals.


How a professional extraction cleaning service can help


Extraction cleaning is a complex task that requires specific tools and equipment. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the severity of this job, and attempting to do it yourself can be dangerous and lead to larger problems, which is why it’s always best to hire a professional cleaning service.


Professional extraction technicians will be able to assess all areas of your ductwork, identify potential risks, and carry out necessary repairs or maintenance. They can also offer guidance and advice on maintaining a clean system between services.


Ultimately, a professional extraction cleaning service can help protect your business, customers, staff, and the environment. In addition, by regularly maintaining your extractor system, you can prevent future issues, saving yourself time, money and energy in the long run.


Kitchen extract cleaning specialists


At Deduct Ltd, we have a knowledgeable team of qualified professionals who are experts in kitchen extraction, cleaning and maintenance. We provide an extensive range of services to ensure that your commercial kitchen meets the highest hygiene, safety and efficiency standards.


Our technicians use advanced technology to clean deep within ductwork and ventilation shafts, ensuring that each area is thoroughly cleaned. We also offer a full report of the work carried out, making it easy to keep track of when your ductwork was last serviced and any advisory notes for future maintenance.


Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer or to discuss your requirements in more detail.