The Importance of Clean Air

Clean air is something many of us take for granted. Ensuring that the air around us is free from harmful pollutants is essential for our health and wellbeing. If air becomes compromised with dirt, dust and bacteria, it can cause severe problems for those breathing it in. The Importance of Clean AirMost ventilation systems are hidden within buildings, so many people don’t consider the importance of these structures in providing fresh, clean air indoors. However, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has reported that poor indoor air quality results in 3.8 million premature deaths each year. Dirt, dust and other pollutants can build up within air ducts over time, along with other debris. These contaminants can severely affect air quality and pose a threat to health and safety if left unchecked. Depending on the size of ductwork, the type of building and occupants, duct cleaning is required to ensure a clean and safe supply of air within the property. In environments such as hospitals, it’s critical that air quality is high. Vulnerable people are at risk of viral and bacterial transmission from other patients and the increased footfall of visitors. Ductwork must meet strict safety guidelines set out in TR19, along with infection control standards, to safeguard occupants. DuctworkIn other settings, such as offices or schools, clean air is just as important. Bacteria and mould found in poorly maintained ventilation systems can lead to serious health complications. Studies have shown that poor-quality air results in more sick days and reduced efficiency. Building owners and landlords have a legal responsibility to provide occupants with safe conditions, including clean air. We offer a range of ductwork cleaning solutions to ensure that ventilated air is clean and safe. Our experienced and qualified team can ensure your property exceeds industry standards, providing insurance-compliant hygiene certificates after work is completed. If you’re concerned about the air quality in your building or need to book ductwork maintenance, give us a call at 0333 772 0089!